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Fluid Mechanics Lab.


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The fluid mechanics laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is equipped with some basic test platforms to enhance underestanding of undergraduate students on fluid mechanics subjects and gain experiences on hand-on measuring tools and devices accompained with in this Lab.

There are eight main tests to be carried out by students in group of two or three students. The students are expected to collect the lab manual and also the error analysis from here or the bookshop centre of Isfahan University of Technology. 

Students are expected to study their designated testing apparatus before arrival to the Lab and should listen carefully to instruction given by the Lab tutor before starting their experimentation. The data should be collected and recorded by ball point pen in the Lab sheet and to be signed by the Director of Lab before leaving the Lab.

Each student, according to the time table provided in the Lab, will prepare one short report (one week after execution the experiment) and one full report (by two weeks from the date of experiment). All reports should be typewritten in WORD processing software and all Figures should accompained with Error Analysis using EXCEL or other softwares.


The list of test experiments are given below:

1-Head loss in piping system using different valves

2- Centrifugal pumps

3-Head loss in laminar and turbulent pipe flows

4-Water jet impacts

5- Mass flow rate measurements of water in pipes using various techniques

6- Air flow in pipe and nozzles

7- Open channel flows

8- Drag measurements over aerodynamic bodies



Fluid Mechanics


Grading Policy: 

The mark for the Fluid Mechanics Lab is made of:

1- Oral assesments, attendance and timing (25%)

2- Reports (25%): Short report (40%), Full comprehensive report (60%)

3- Final Exam (50%)

Teacher Assistants: 

Mr Shahdad - Technician Instructor


Group 1: Saturday, 13:30-16:30

Group 2: Monday, 13:30-16:30

Group 3: Wednesday, 13:30-16:30


Semester 2 - 2013-2014

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی