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Iman Samani, Ahmad Sedaghat, Treadmill Motion of Wing: Possibility of MAV with Vertical Take-Off, IMAV2013, France, 2013.

Treadmill Motion of Wing: Possibility of MAV with Vertical Take-Off
Iman Samani ( and Ahmad Sedaghat (
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology,
Isfahan 84156-83111, I.R. of Iran
The Magnus effect is well known phenomena for producing high lift values from spinning symmetrical geometries such as cylinders, spheres, or disks. But, the Magnus force may also be produced by treadmill motion of aerodynamic bodies. To accomplish this, the skin of aerodynamic bodies may circulate with a constant circumferential speed. Here, a novel wing with treadmill motion of skin is introduced which may generate lift at zero air speeds. The new wing may lead to MAV configurations for vertical takeoff or landing. To prove the concept, the NACA0015 aerofoil section with circulating skin is computationally investigated. Two cases of stationary air and moving air are studied. It is observed that lift can be generated in stationary air although drag force is also high. For moving air, the lift and drag forces may be adopted between the incidence angles 20 to 25 degrees where lift can posses high values and drag can remain moderate.
Keywords: Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV); Magnus effect; Treadmill motion; High angle of attack; Aerofoil flows.
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