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Mohammadreza Radmanesh, Iman Samani, Omid Nematollahi, Ahmad Sedaghat, Mahdi Niliahmadabadi,IUT MAV2013, Part I: Aerodynamic design of tailless wing and body configuration, IMAV2013, France, 2013.

IUT MAV2013, Part I: Aerodynamic design of tailless wing and body configuration
Mohammadreza Radmanesh (, *Iman Samani (, Mostafa Hassanalian (, Omid Nematollahi (, Ahmad Sedaghat (, and Mahdi Niliahmadabadi (
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology,
Isfahan 84156-83111, I.R. of Iran
In this paper, a procedure is presented to select the MAV airfoil shape without horizontal tail and to study all parameters of airfoil selection. A number of suitable airfoil sections are examined. Using the proposed procedure, a vast range of airfoils can be evaluated in such a way that the time required for design and flight tests reduces. In this method, the trial and flight tests are key components to conform the most design procedures. Having designed the air vehicle weight, it is necessary that the most fitted plan-form be selected for the defined mission. The designed fixed wing and body configuration for the IUT MAV2013 is presented here.
Keywords: Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV); Aerofoil flows, CFD, Tailless wing and body.
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