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Mostafaeipoura, A., Sedaghat, A., Dehghan-Niri, A.A., and Kalantar, V., Wind energy feasibility study for city of Shahrbabak in Iran, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 15, 2011, p. 2545-2556.

Wind energy feasibility study for city of Shahrbabak in Iran
A. Mostafaeipoura,∗, A. Sedaghatb, A.A. Dehghan-Niric, V. Kalantarc
a Industrial Engineering Department, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran
b Mechanical Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran
c Mechanical Engineering Department, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran
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Article history:
Received 14 December 2010
Accepted 20 February 2011
Wind power
Wind energy
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Climate change, global warming, and the recent worldwide economic crisis have emphasized the need
for low carbon emissions while also ensuring economic feasibility. In this paper, the status and wind
power potential of the city of Shahrbabak in Kerman province in Iran was investigated. The technical and
economical feasibility of wind turbine installation is presented. The potential of wind power generation
was statistically analyzed. The mean wind speed data of three-hour interval long term period from 1997
to 2005 was adopted and analyzed in order to determine the potential of wind power generation. The
numerical values of the dimensionless Weibull shape parameter (k) and Weibull scale parameter (c)
were determined. Annual values of “k” ranged from 1.725 to 1.930 with a mean value of 1.504, while
annual values of “c” were in the range of 4.848–6.095 with a mean value of 5.314 (m/s). With the average
wind power density of 100W/m2, it is found that the city is not an appropriate place for construction
of large-scale wind power plants, but is suitable for employment of off-grid electrical and mechanical
wind driven systems. An economic evaluation was done in order to show feasibility of installing small
wind turbines. It was concluded that it costs 18 cents for 1 kWh which is 5 cents more than the market
price. Each turbine of 10kW can supply power for icebox, washer, water pump, TV, lighting, electrical
fan, charger, and air conditioning units for small houses. In order to utilize wind energy in the region, it
is recommended to install small size wind turbines for electricity supply of public and public buildings
and private houses.
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