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SEDAGHAT A. ; ACKROYD J. A. D.; WOOD N. J., Turbulence modelling for supercritical flows including examples with passive shock control, Aeronautical Journal, 1999, vol. 103, no.1020, pp. 113-125


A. Sedaghat et al., "Turbulence modelling for supercritical flows including examples with
passive shock control", AERONAUT J, 103(1020), 1999, pp. 113-125
The aerodynamic performance of supercritical aerofoils at transonic speedsis strongly
influenced by the shock wave-boundary-layer interaction. Passive shock control is one of the
techniques used for controlling the undesirable effects of strong shock wave-boundary-layer
interaction leading to extensive separation. Using passive shock control, the stall margin is
increased and the onset of buffeting is delayed. Passive shock control is modelled by
introducing a closed plenum chamber underneath a perforated surface at the foot of the
shock wave where a combination of blowing and suction is generated. As a result, a strong
normal shock wave is changed into a series ofweak shock waves with lambda shape. Since
the Baldwin-Lomax turbulence model has been used extensively for passive shock control
modelling, which exhibits poor predictability for separated flows, an attempt has been made
to modify the Reynolds normal stresses for this model so as to improve the accuracy of
numerical results for flows with separation. Further modification to the Baldwin-Lomax model
has been employed so that the mass transpirationeffects are taken into account for the
passive shock control computations. In this paper, a brief description on an implicit finitevolume
TVD schemein general coordinates is given and the details of the Balwin-Lomax
turbulence model and its modifications are presented. The validated numerical results for
several RAE 2822 aerofoil problems plus corresponding results for the modelled methods
are presented and compared with some experimental dataand other numerical results.
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