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A. Sedaghat, An Implicit TVD Scheme with k- Le Turbulence Model for Computation of Transonic Aerofoil Flows, 1st International Conference of Iranian Aerospace Society, Amir-Kabir University, Tehran, 1999.

An Implicit TVD Scheme with k - Le Turbulence Model for Computation of Transonic Aerofoil Flows
A. Sedaghat
The Manchester School of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Division Oxford Road
Manchester M PL
A fast and robust algorithm utilizing an upwind implicit Total Variation Diminishing TVD scheme with conjunction of k - Le turbulence model has been used to study turbulent transonic ows around aerofoils A hyperbolic C-mesh has been used to generate an orthogonal grid around aerofoil section which is mostly desirable for turbulent computations The numerical results obtained for the RAE  aerofoil are compared with experimental data and other numerical results Contrast to a relatively coarse mesh is used the quality of the numerical results is very good
compared with the other numerical results.


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