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Xinzi Tang, Xiongwei Liu, Ahmad Sedaghat, Lik-kwan Shark, Rotor Design and Analysis of Stall-regulated Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, UPEC2009, The 44th International Universities' Power Engineering Conference 1-4 September, Glasgow, UK, 2009

Rotor Design and Analysis of Stall-regulated Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Xinzi Tang
University of Central
Lancashire, Preston, UK
Xiongwei Liu
University of Central
Lancashire, Preston, UK
Ahmad Sedaghat
University of Central
Lancashire, Preston, UK
Lik-kwan Shark
University of Central
Lancashire, Preston, UK
Abstract — Wind energy provides energy security at a time when decreasing global reserves of fossil fuel threatens the longterm
sustainability of energy supply. The power performance of a wind turbine depends on the site’s wind speed distribution and
the design characteristics of the wind turbine. Based on the relationship between the power performance and the rotor
parameters, this paper addresses the design tip speed ratio, rated wind speed, rotor diameter, and blade geometry of a stallregulated
wind turbine. As a case study, a dedicated aerofoil is used for the design and analysis of a stall-regulated wind turbine
blade based on a specific wind speed distribution.
Index Terms — Blade element momentum theory; Horizontal axis wind turbine; Power performance; Rotor design; Stall-regulated; Site-specific wind turbine
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