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Hydrodynamic Stability

The postgraduate course of Hydrodynamic Stability is devoted to Thermofluid students who are keen to learn an advance course in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Students are getting familiar with linear and weakly nonlinear stability theories and its application in several well known instability problems in fluid flow and heat transfer.


The main contents of the course is given as:

- Definitions

- Hydrodynamics Equations

- Kelvin-Helmholtz Stability

- Capilary Jets

- Rayleih-Benard

- Convection

- Convection with Rotation

- Taylor-Couette Flow

- Shear Flows

            -Rayleigh Equation

            -Orr-Sommerfeld Equation

- Nonlinear Instability



1- Advanced Fluid Mechanics

2- Heat Transfer

3- Boundary Layer Theory


Grading Policy: 

The course mark is made of the followings sections:

1- Research in nonlinear instability of jets, injectors, and micro-nano bubble makers (30%)

          Students will research in one of the above topics using 5 highly rated journal papers and prepare a Review Report (20%) in WORD processing format (in Persian) and will present a Seminar (10%) using Powerpoint (in Persian)

2- Homeworks (10%)

3- Final Exam (60%)

4- Journal Club (10% extra)

            Although this is as extra mark, it is compulsory that students review and critisize some assigned journal papers in related Hydrodynamic Stability and provide their comments in WORD processing format.



The course lectures are given in weekly basis as follows:


Sunday, 15:00-16:30, class MECH5

Tuesday, 15:00-16:30, class MECH5


Final Exam Date: 22-03-1393

Final Exam Time: 08:30-11:30


Semester 2 - 2013-2014

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف بومی